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Updated June 2, 2015
This year will be Sunday, July 5, 2015
Bonfield, IL

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Here's a fun trivia quiz that Sharon put together.  We got all the answers
except a couple.
Click and drag your cursor in the blank space below each question
to see the answer.

Where did Adel work for 10 years from 1953 - 1963?
Armour Pharmaceuticals
How long was Babe in the service?
26 years
Who was born in Germany in 1968?
Michael Foltz, Babe's son
What was Babe's first wife's name?
Elena Gava
What is Adel and Sandy's middle name
Jane / Jayne
Who attended grade school in the Phillipines?
Vivian Foltz
How many acres did the Foltz farm have?
Which one of Luther's daughters' middle name is Viola?
Where is Paul Foltz buried?
Riverview cemetery, Rantoul, IL
What was Paul's wife's name?
Emma Padgett
What was Buck's highest rank in the Army?
What two people have the same birthday?
Arvella (Buck's wife) and Donna (Foltz) Diefenbach
Also  Adel Howard and Doreen Ouellette
Where did Arvella work as a waitress?
Howard Johnsons
How old was Paul when he died?
Who is older, Jean or Jane?
Jean is 4 minutes older
"TY" stands for what?
Thomas Yant
Grandma Foltz (Charlotte) came from New York how?
Covered Wagon
What is the Foltz family favorite card game?
What song was sung at both Grandpa Cloice & Gma Charlotte's funeral?
Little Brown Church in the Vale
What year was the second tornado to hit the Foltz farm?
What year was the first tornado to hit the Foltz farm?
What was the original purchase price of the Foltz farm?
What year was the Foltz farm purchased?
1923 from Ingvort Jensen
What did Grandpa Cloice Foltz die of?
Heart failure
How old was Marcella Foltz when she died?
4 months
Where are Cloice and Charlotte Foltz buried?
Limestone Cemetery
What is the number of children in Cloice and Charlotte's family?
11 counting Marcella
What is the date of the fire that destroyed the Foltz home?
Feb 9, 1933
Where did Adel teach Sunday School in the Nursery Dept?
St Mark's Church, Kankakee
Who sold Bibles part time?
Who was in the Navy in 1943?
Cloice Wellington
Where was Babe's wife Marianne from?
What subdivision did Raymond and Adel live in, in Limestone Twp?
Hillside Manor
What is Brian Foltz' son's name?
Curtis Brian
How many boys does Linda Foltz Morrical have?
What does Mark Foltz do for a living?
Bug Exterminator
Who was wounded in Vietnam in 1970?
Jay Foltz
What was Cloice's middle name?
What year did Uncle Mike move out of Luther's home?
Who was employed by The Gilded Cage Beauty Salon?
Which brother drove a truck for a living?
What two cousins went to Broadway Beauty College?
Kendra & Mary Jensen
What is Jake Breymeyer's wife's name?
Who had a wooden leg?
Emil Kurtz
What town did Sylvia Sass Kurtz live in?
Port Lavaca, TX
Who has two children, each with the initials "J A"?
John & Karen Sass (John Albert & Jennifer Ann)
What was Rita Sass' position at Gov. State Univ?
Operation Supervisor
Where did Jim Diefenbach retire from?
Where does Mary Jensen live?
Littleton, CO
Where did Luther work his whole life?
What was Viola's maiden name?
What was the name of Levi's business?
McCullough Implement Co
How old was Jodi Herron when she died?
Who was a teacher for deaf children in Denver, CO?
Jean Herron
What was Verla's first husband's name?
Robert Herron
Luella was awarded a price for saving her family from the fire in what magazine?
Prairie Farmer
How old was Luella when the house burned?
What was the name of Melvin Watson's garbage business?
M & W
What is Charlene Day's middle name?
Where was Luella born?
the Miller Homestead
How many children did Melvin & Luella have?
Which branch of Service was Robert Watson in?
Who built two houses in Wilmington and lived there for a while?
Uncle Mike
Who had 6 children (girl boy girl boy girl boy)?
Uncle Mike
Who was born on St Patrick's Day & had middle name of "Patrick"?
Uncle Mike's son Joseph
What year did Uncle Mike graduate from High School?
Who had a Welding & Repair Service in Monee?
Albert Sass
Barb & Ted Griffin met at what College?
Olivet in Bourbonnais
What type of work did Leona do?
Drove school bus & delivered mail

Some Foltz History - Click on the links to explore
If you don't see your name on ALL of these reports, please let me know~!
 Hans Voltz and Descendants
248 pages of Foltz ancestory in PDF format
Updated April 30, 2014
Load up your printer and get the whole story or browse it all online.

Cloice Elwood Foltz and Descendants
A shortened 79-page version of above in PDF format
Updated April 30, 2014

Foltz Family History, from Leona on back (would be the same for all siblings)
"Tree" version in PDF format.   Earliest ancestor I have found is 1523 in Germany!

Charlotte Miller Foltz family history
Updated April 30, 2014


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