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 Lynn Creek, WVa.
 Story of Dorothy Rowena Prince
 Sep 23, 1914

 (Written by Mary Irby Prince - wife of Ross Prince)

Miss Dorothy Prince was born on Lynn Creek, (WVa) September 23, 1914.  Was cared for by a few who came and went that was coming to see her mother who was very ill.  After three weeks of struggle, (she) was taken from this life, leaving five little orphans, the oldest being 6 years of age, the youngest being three weeks old.  Of coarse some arrangements had to be made as the father (George Prince, my husband's brother) was left alone to provide a home.  He said I will have to give the baby away as I can not take care of her.  He did not ask me to take her but mentioned a man that wanted her that was a stranger.  My heart was touched from the beginning of this baby's life, on account not knowing where the baby would be let go.  When I heard what the father (George Prince) said I told him I would never let the little one go amongst strangers even if I was not strong, so he quickly decided to give her to me, promising if I would keep her he would never mention of taking her from me as he had all he could care for.  Then the struggle of life began as the little one was very ill.  On the fourteenth of October she was carried through the rain by an uncle, Hurston Prince, (as she was left with a neighbor, Mrs. Ida Newman until after the funeral was held) to Buffalo Creek (WVa) to the woman who writes these statements as correct as it was seen.

Oh how my heart did ache when she was layed in a rocker by my fireside (where we lived in Shoals, WV) as she looked so innocent and sweet and pure.  Of coarse my husband (Ross) was touched also as he never seemed to care for children until this baby was left at our home for us to bestow all of our love on.  She taken a severe cold and bowel trouble and for over 2 months we thought she could not live. A many a night have we walked the floor until after midnight before her crying ceased until my nerves was in such a bad shape I almost had to give up and go to bed, but by God's help He left me enough strength to gain the victory as the little one began to grow and do well.  Then we began to want a sweet name for her and a cousin came on a visit at our home named Dorothy Mullins, she wanted to name her so I decided to let her call her after herself, only I added Rowena to her name after a friend in Nebraska.  That was how she came with the name Dorothy Rowena Prince.  Of coarse as she grew, our love for her growed also.  At the age of three months, Ross went to Florida on business and left the baby, Nancy Hutchison and myself to keep house while he was gone.  We had a hard time as no one would even come to cut the wood but I cut most of it myself until one month was up, then Ross come back and brought a suitcase and a basket full of oranges.  Dorothy was so pleased over the oranges she would cry for them. Her first present came on Christmas, a cap which Anna Brumfield gave her.  Next a dress but Dorothy did not get, Anna Prince sent it.  Next a nice white dress when she was 8 months old, Anna Prince brought it to her.  She fell in love with Aunt Anna Prince and Aunt Anna fell in love with her so they had good times together while Auntie was down from Wellsville, Ohio on a 2 weeks visit.  Auntie tied a young chicken for her to play with.  We had her picture made at 8 months old and we think she is the prettiest child on earth and the sweetest.  She has nine teeth at ten months of age and can say Dady and Kitty and Mom Mom, and she holds one by my dress and can walk across the floor.  She is always in to some cute ways and trying to talk.  She seems to think Dady (sic) is the only person.  She calls Uncle Ross Dady (sic) as he has certainly been a Dady (sic) to her.  She cries every night for Dady to sing her to sleep.  Dady is always willing to do anything to passifier (sic) her for he has learned to love her with all the love any person can bestow upon a child.  She certainly has brightened our home and lives.  It seems as though our thoughts are all of her and we try to be a good Father and Mother to our dear one.  And we trust she will be a good girl and one we can be proud of always if we both should live to see her grown.  If either of us should die before she is grown I want this diary kept for her to read when she is old enough to understand, for my prayer is for her to be a noble Christian woman.

March 8, 1916 we moved to Nebraska, Nehawka and Cass County.  Baby is 1 ½ years old.  We moved to the tenant house of Mr. Christ. Ross found a neighbor that proved to be a dear friend to us there.  Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Gerking are their names.  Mrs. Gerking is sure a friend to baby and does everything to please her.  Dorothy calls her Mamma Gerking.  On the 1st day of March, 1917 we moved to the Mrs. Ona Carper Farm, went to farming for ourselves.  Have lived here 3 summers and had reasonable good luck.  Baby has had good health so far.  Only a few days of sickness since we came to the State of Nebraska and here are a few friends baby loves -
 Mrs. Oscar Hoback
 Roy Davis, a hired man
 Mrs. Guy Roods
 Miss Belle Bouck
 Walter Wonderlich
 Truman, a clerk at Sheldon's store
All are favorite friends of baby.  Here inclosed are 3 locks of baby's hair between the ages of 6 months and 5 years of age.  Baby's eyes were blue (?) When small but are medium dark at 5 years of age.  When 5 years of age she began to shed her baby teeth.