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 (Written by Dorothy Griffin)

I had my first birthday party when I was nineteen in 1933.  Those attending were: Harold Stewart, Ruby Wright, Harriet Witzgall, Ruth Shepherd, Robert Raines, Louise Shepherd, Richard Thompson, Juanita Thompson, Elmo Daugherty, Dorothy Daugherty, Leland Zerkle, Walter Drake, Mrs. Stewart and Mr. Shepherd.

Betty and Ruth Sarver visited us in 1934.

I had my first job September 19, 1934 and I made $2.00 for 10 hours work.  I worked at Hillcrest Apple House where I sorted and packed apples.

We had the 100th Anniversary at Tomlinson Run Church.  Dorothy Daugherty was married a few days before July 1st.

Went to visit Sarvers and went to Lisbon with the Kelvington boys - Jim, Bob, and Ray.  We went to my first movie "She Loves Me Not" and I was conscience-stricken because I felt it was wrong to go to movies.  I remember that I objected very much.  Bing Crosby and Kitty Carlisle played in this movie.

In November Mom and I went to Huntington for 10 days.  Ruby stayed with Dad and Lucille and Willie Louck stayed nights.  I tried to learn to play Roy Louck's violin this winter but I can still remember sweating over trying to learn "Old Black Joe".

Helen Witzgall died on March 15th, 1935.  She was sick for a long time as she came home from Saranac Lake, NY, on my 19th birthday party in 1933.  She was in the Sanitarium her for a long time.

The fist date of my life was to the movie "David Copperfield" with Roy Louk and Harriet, Elzie and Bessie Weekley were along.  Harriet started dating Glen Herron soon afterward.  The date was on April 9, 1935.

Mary Strosnider married a Wycoff.  Faye (my sister) and Ralph were married (in 1934) and also Ellsworth Raredin.

I stayed with Mrs. Emory Maple before her Robert was born in March and Nettie and Charles Prince had a boy, making 8 in all.  Letha McNeely died on April 15 - Tuberculosis.  Verlin is expected to die at any time with the same disease.

On April 25th, had gas for tooth extraction which was most unpleasant.

Had small pictures made with Harriet this year - 4 for 10 cents.
Uncle Shird (Mullins) is sick with diabetes.

On April 26, 1935 I met Fred Griffin for the very first time.  Harriet and Mrs. Delbert Maple had a party at Witzgall's and I was invited to meet him. He played the guitar and I played the piano.  On the following Friday they all come to my house.  Then Harold Stewart asked us to bring him up there to hear him play.  We had taffy pulls when we got together at different homes.

Harriet and I played a duet for Mother's Day at church - "Ivory Palaces".  Harriet played the violin and I played the piano.  Fred and Harold are very good on duets.

Went to Miller's Grove to Arbor Day Program with Fred.  Met Genevieve and Carl Griffin (Fred's brother) for the first time soon after.

Dad (Ross) bought a new V-8 Ford this year.  It is a black one.

Had to have an abscess lanced by Dr. Pyle in Chester, WVA.
Arthur Scott died May 23.

Dad went to Mole Hill with Fred and Delbert Maple.