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Faye Prince Ward's remembrances of her childrood
as told to her daughter
Janet Faye Ward Duevel


For some reason mother (Faye) never talked much about her childhood.  I have thought and thought, but this is all Iíve been able to come up with.

Mother said she remembered her mother, Ellen Ray Prince, dying, because she saw the blood drip through the mattress onto the floor.  I think she was about 6 years old at the time.

At some point (I donít know what age.), mother and Marie went up to stay with Emma Thompson.  I think it was the happiest time of her whole childhood.

Marie visited with us for a while when my oldest daughter was a few weeks old.  She said that mother was the smartest of the four children Ė always got great grades.  (Mother never mentioned it.)  Marie also said that George told his children that they were not to associate with the tenant farmerís children; and one day, he passed on his horse as a group, including mother and Marie, walked home from school.
Marie said that he was waiting for them when they got home with a switch in his hand, and he gave them a good hiding.

Mother and Marie said that Mary couldnít have children of her own, and as her mother died when Dorothy was born, Mary went to George and told him that she would raise Dorothy, and George agreed.

I do know that George remarried, but Iím not sure just when.  My thinking is that it was after the children were much older.  He died of pneumonia when I was a few months old (1935).

Janet W. Duevel
May 14, 2002