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Updated May 1, 2014

SAMUEL GRIFFIN abt 1660 - 1729
Most of the information on Samuel Griffin is from the book SAMUEL GRIFFIN of NEW CASTLE COUNTY ON DELAWARE, PLANTER; and HIS DESCENDANTS TO THE SEVENTH GENERATION.  Compiled and Published by Thomas Hale Streets, MD, USN, Philadelphia, PA, 1905.
I Discovered this book in the Newbury Library in Chicago and obtained a microfilm copy.  Since then I have kept it up to date as much as possible.
Updated May 1, 2014

Ted's Family Tree
Click here for a PDF view all the way back to the 12th great grandfather.

  The Tilton Ancestory
My 4th great grandmother Mary Morris, was married to Isaac Griffin.  Her 6th great-grandfather was Willliam Tilton of Narborough, Leicestershire, England - 1450.  Here's some interesting "stuff" also in PDF format.
Updated May 1, 2014 

Roley Jacobs - Revolutionary War Veteran
There are many documented links to our Revolutionary War Veterans in our family history, any of which should provide easy access into membership in the SAR or DAR.  Click here for a view of my 4th-Great-Grandfather (on my Mother's side).

Samuel David Hatton - Revolutionary War Veteran
My Mother, Dorothy Prince Griffin, was always proud when talking about her "Hatton" ancestory.  This is another Revolutionary War Link, another 4th-Great-Grandfather (on my Mother's side). 

Isaac Griffin - Revolutionary War Veteran
Not all the heroes were on my Mother's side.  Isaac Griffin is my 4th-Great-Grandfather (on my Father's side).  He has QUITE a history, so be sure to check it out!

Garrett Clawson Jr - Revolutionary War Veteran
Garrett Clawson is another 4th-Great-Grandfather veteran (on my Father's side).

 Grandpa Prince's rocker
 The Model A story

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 Grandpa Griffin's clock

Grandma Prince's Pump Organ

Grandma Maude Griffin's picture

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